Blueseventy NERO TX Women’s Kneeskin

The Blueseventy NERO TX is a high-end competitive racing suit. The suit boasts “advanced ultrasonic seam welding and extensively tested patterns” that help provide an optimal fit.  The material is light-weight and hydrophibic, meaning it repels the water.  The TX Diaphanous fabric gives a tight fitting suit which compresses and streamlines the body, helping decrease the drag coefficient.  This material is 70% Polyamide and 30% Elastan.

The BlueSeventy NERO TX line includes Women’s Kneeskin and the Nero TX Men’s Jammer. Both are approved by FINA.

BlueSeventy claims to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars “making sure every neroTX suit provides the perfect fit to facilitate optimal individual swimming technique.”  The result is a suit that has pinpoint seam placement and shoulder straps that are perfectly aligned with the swimmer’s scapular movement.

About BlueSeventy

BlueSeventy has been designing suits since 1993.  Their line of triathlon wetsuits are highly acclaimed by many athletes. Blueseventy’s design philosophy is to “create products that help swimmers reach their full potential.”  The research and design process incorporates stroke technique and body structure of every kind of athlete, from world champions to novices.  Stokes counts, center of buoyancy and many other factors are researched,

BlueSeventy Nero TX Woman’s Kneeskin Reviews

Reviews for the Nero TX Kneeskin are very strong.  Most people give the suit credit for faster times in the pool and, despite the hefty price tag, most people agree that the suit is worth every penny.

Some reviewers recommend ordering a “size down” from your normal suit, while others don’t.  So, if you are ordering a BlueSeventy Nero TX suit, be sure to order it a couple of weeks before your meet from a retailer with a good size exchange policy.

Have you used the BlueSeventy Nero TX Women’s Kneeskin?  If so, please tell us about your experience below…

One thought on “Blueseventy NERO TX Women’s Kneeskin

  1. I bought the suit today, and it was a great choice. I ordered the same size of my Fastskin II, size 26, and it fit very well.

    Once I tried it on at home, I took some time to pour some water on my thigh, and the water easily flowed off the suit. I did it a few more times, and there was the same outcome.

    I am very impressed with this suit, and I’m sure it will be amazing when I wear it at a meet!

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